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What is the Most Expensive Part of Kitchen Remodeling?

Believe it or not, the kitchen is the most expensive room in your house. Quite interesting, right? I was also surprised by the fact when I first did my kitchen renovation. Remodeling a kitchen becomes costly because of the countertops, tiles, cabinets, burners, and other utilities-related services. But you must be wondering, what is the most expensive part of kitchen remodeling?

The cabinets are the most expensive part of kitchen remodeling. In the USA, people spend $15,000 on kitchen cabinets on average. While adopting the budget for remodeling a kitchen, you should keep around 40 percent of the total budget for buying and installing cabinets. Second to cabinets, countertops may cost 20 percent of the total budget.

This article aims to help you to outline a reasonable budget to remodel your kitchen. It may also be handy for those who are constructing new houses. Here I have discussed all the main costs of remodeling a kitchen. Besides, you will find precise estimations for remodeling a high-end kitchen and a minimal kitchen in this article.

5 Major Expenses of Kitchen Remodeling

You cannot be cheap while remodeling a kitchen. Since the health of your family members is very much dependent on thecondition of your kitchen. Here I have described all the prominent causes of expenditure on kitchen remodeling.

1. Cabinets

Cabinets are crucial to keeping all the utensils and tools of the kitchen safe from pollution and insects. Moreover, they are the base of the overall aesthetics of your kitchen. Sturdy and beautiful cabinets can make your stay pleasant in the kitchen.

Depending on the quality of the materials, the prices of kitchen cabinets vary a lot. For each linear foot, it may cost you from $100 to $1,200. It means, for a 10 feet by 10 feet standard kitchen, you may need to spend from $2,000 to $24,000.

2. Countertop

A countertop is the center of all your kitchen activities. At the same time, it can give your kitchen a modern look. It also makes a big part of the kitchen remodeling budget.

You have to pay between S10 and $250 for each square foot countertop you intend to install in the kitchen. The price of a countertop largely varies depending on the material. Granite countertops are the most expensive and will cost you from $50 to $250 per square foot. Apart from that, the installation of the countertop will cost you approximately another $3000.

3. Tiles & Flooring

On average, you need to spend 10 to 20 percent of the total cost of remodeling your kitchen on the floor and wall tiles. Though tiling the wall is optional. For your kitchen, you should choose such a flooring solution that is water-resistant and durable at the same time.

In the USA, people spend from $3 to $22 per sq. ft. for the flooring of their kitchen. Again, the price highly depends on the material of the flooring. If you are not using a vinyl flooring solution, you will need to pay another $5 for each sq. ft. for installing the floor.

4. Kitchen Appliances

A modern kitchen requires many appliances like dishwashers, microwave ovens, electric blenders, burners, toasters, etc. However, you can add or deduct the list of your kitchen appliances according to your personal preferences.

I would suggest keeping 10 to 20 percent of your total budget for remodeling to buy the necessary appliances. All the appliances come in a large number of options to choose from. Be yourself while buying them according to your budget.

5. Utility installation

Your kitchen is that corner of your home where you need to have all kinds of utility services all the time. All the electric appliances will need professional electric works. The burners will work after you have safely installed the gas line and for the dishwasher and the sink, you will need plumbing services.

On average, installing all the utility services may cost around 10 percent of the total budget of remodeling the kitchen. You may be a supporter of the DIY (Do It Yourself) movement. But I will never suggest you do the installation of gas and electricity lines.

What Is the Average Cost of a High-End Kitchen Remodel?

The average cost of a luxurious high-end kitchen remodelmay vary from $50,000 to $150,000. The range is so big because the definition of ‘high-end kitchen’ keeps changing with the wealth and taste of the house owner. Generally, high-end kitchens are designed with large custom cabinets, bigger kitchen islands, and expensive appliances.

The main component of a high-end kitchen is the kitchen island. Remodeling of a kitchen can get up to $20,000 costlier, only by installing the kitchen island. However, they are considered the symbol of modernism and cannot be ignored at all. To balance the high cost, you can use the kitchen island as an alternative to the dinner table.

High-end kitchens are supposed to have the most contemporary look. The lighting of the room, the wall decors, the flooring, and all the appliances should be parts of a complete art piece. That is why remodeling a high-end kitchen also requires expertise from professional interior designers

How Much Should a 10x10 Kitchen Remodel Cost?

Remodeling a 10 feet × 10 feet kitchen costs from $15,000 to $30,000, which is $75 and $150 for each square foot. I bothered to give a gross estimation for this particular size of kitchen remodeling because this is the standard size of a kitchen in the USA.

You will only need to spend this much money to remodel a 10x10 kitchen if you are doing a full kitchen renovation. If you decide to make partial modifications, the cost will drop significantly.

Last Words

In the history of kitchens, a room of the house for cooking was first recorded in the 17th century. Since then, kitchen renovation and remodeling have advanced like a form of art.

I would suggest you buy the most expensive parts of kitchen remodeling with proper caution, as they are like a long-term investment for the house.

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